Torpedo Lost Circulation Tool

About the Torpedo Lost Circulation Tool

The world’s first solution to severe lost circulation at surface holes! PDC’s Torpedo avoids wasted time and cost of expensive cementing to repair the effects of lost circulation. Instead of just coping with the effects of lost circulation – we stop it dead, restoring circulation while drilling. This enables drilling to continue through the surface stage, followed by setting cement.

  • Prototype tool developed in conjunction with SageLink Rig Support Services, which identified the need
  • Torpedo has been conceived, designed, engineered and manufactured in-house
  • Is made for combating lost-circulation on surface hole while drilling horizontal or directional oil and natural gas wells
  • Field testing underway in mid-2012
  • Will be available in a range of capacities for surface hole diameters of 9 7/8”, 12 ¼”, 13 ¾”, 14 ¾”, and 17 ½” – plus custom size on demand