About the HydraMax™

The HYDRAMAX™ Hole Opener is a tough and durable, the mechanically simple fixed cutter design allows it to power through HDD jobs with unrivalled speed and boring quality.  Proven over hundreds of jobs, the HYDRAMAX™ is designed and built to the highest engineering and manufacturing standards by Precise Drilling Components an ISO9001 : 2015 Company.  The HYDRAMAX™ fixed cutter hole opener is available in diameters ranging from 18” to 72”.

HYDRAMAX™ Opener features include:

  • Integrated stabilizing Gage Ring
  • Front Pilot Ring
  • PDC cutters size of ½ to 1 inch
  • Multiple PDC Grades
  • Replaceable cutter sections
  • Flow through design
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Optional Tornado ports
  • Push or Pull configurations available with 4 to 9 Blades depending on Diameter