STRATEX™ Stratomax

About the STRATEX™ Stratomax

The STRATEX™ Stratomax Concentric Overburden Drilling System is available in two configurations a retrieval or drill through, both using an integrated ring bit shoe design.  Both systems are designed for straight hole to be drilled at what ever angle required while still advancing casing.  Once the desired depth is reached the retrieval system will allow for the drill string and casing to be pulled back out or disengage from the ring bit allowing the drill string to be removed and the casing to be left in place.  When using the drill through system once the desired depth is reached there is 3 options 1 pull everything out.  2 disengage and continue drilling with out changing bits and 3 disengage and pull out the drill string leave the casing in place.

STRATEX™ Stratomax Concentric Overburden Drilling System Features:

  • One-piece billet DTH Pilot bit
  • Integrated ring bit and shoe
  • Can be manufactured with any standard DTH shank
  • Optional TCI Grades and Shapes
  • Available for Casing Sizes ranging from 4” to 12”
  • Custom sizes available upon request