About the STRATEX™ Centro

The STRATEX™ Centro Concentric Under Reamer incorporates multiple fold out wings and a large diameter pilot for smooth rotation when drilling in soft and loose formations with scattered boulders.  When rotated clock wise the STRATEX™ Centro Concentric Under Reamers wings fold out to the fully open position, allowing for a larger reamed hole than the casing.  This enables the casing to be simultaneously lowered while drilling with out rotating.  Once the desired depth is reached the Centro Concentric Under Reamer can be retracted in to the casing by applying slight tension and rotating counter clockwise which moves the multiple wings to their fully closed position for removal of the Centro Concentric Under Reamer and drill string leaving the casing in place for the next operation or removal at a later date.

STRATEX™ Centro Concentric Under Reamer features:

  • Multiple fold our wings
  • Large diameter pilot
  • Multiple TCI shapes and grades
  • Replaceable wings and pilot
  • Can be manufactured with any standard DTH shank
  • Available for Casing Sizes ranging from 6” to 48”
  • Custom sizes available upon request