Mud Motors

About the Mud Motors

With a staggering 70,000 foot-pounds of rotary torque delivered on a consistent basis, PDC’s mud motor isn’t merely unmatched in the industry – it simply shatters previous barriers. The nearest competitor is in the 30,000-foot-pound class.

PDC’s 11 ¼” diameter, low-speed mud motor was conceived and designed to lever the capabilities of our HydraMAX line of hole openers. Driving a hole opener with a mud motor instead of from up on the drilling rig is intended to increase the rate of penetration and minimize wear on drill pipe and drilling rigs. Less time spent in the hole equals fewer problems in the hole – which means more efficient job execution and getting pipe in the ground sooner.

  • Consistent 70,000 foot-pounds of torque, with stall rating of 90,000 foot-pounds
  • Intended mainly to be mated with hole openers where high torque is a must
  • Also suitable for oil and natural gas drilling where large-diameter penetration of hard rock is required, achieving superior penetration rates
  • Conceived in-house, and designed partially in-house in conjunction with some of the most credible and experienced players in the down-hole tools industry
  • Power section built to PDC specifications by experienced third-party manufacturer
  • Utilizes a two-stage, 9/10 lobe drive and transmission section