Our Competitive Strengths

Every Bit Canadian
We offer worldwide distribution from our research and manufacturing centre in one of the world’s leading oil and natural gas cities: Calgary, Alberta. We have deep experience in putting design and technology at the centre of providing solutions to our customers.

First to Succeed
PDC provides the world’s first successful line of large-diameter, fixed-cutter hole openers. Following over a decade of success in drill bit design and manufacturing, PDC spent over three years conducting R&D of hole openers on live wells. Today our HydraMAX hole openers are at work in real-world situations, setting new records for size and capacity, as we continue to improve design.

Technical Capabilities
Our capabilities include researching, designing, simulating, testing, building, maintaining and improving drill bits, hole openers and mud motors. Our 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta is equipped with CNC-driven machine tools and a robotic welding unit, and our processes utilize finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control
At PDC we’ve always been driven to create the fastest, toughest, best-made downhole tools, which means quality has always been central to what we do. Today we are also ISO 9001:2008-certified, ensuring the quality control of every component that we build and guaranteeing that all our downhole tools are free from manufacturer’s defects.

Our more than 10-year track record of innovation includes holding a patent, inventing and rolling out the world’s fastest line of hole openers, developing an innovative lost circulation tool, and developing the largest, most powerful mud motor in the world. And we’re not stopping!

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